28 Mar 2022


Israel Introduces Fast Track for Ukrainian and Russian Refugee Tech Workers

Beginning March 29, 2022, the Israel Population and Immigration Authority is offering an expedited “green track” for refugees from Ukraine and Russia employed by Israeli technology companies. This track is available whether or not the refugees are entitled to immigrate to Israel under the Law of Return, which applies to people of Jewish descent.  The new measure is intended to encourage Israeli tech companies to hire refugees with technological backgrounds who have reached Israel—or who wish to reside in Israel—irrespective of their ethnicity.

Eligibility and Benefits

  • Refugees employed by Israeli technology companies who have arrived in Israel, who are working remotely, or who have recently been hired, are eligible for this track.
  • Background checks and work permit issuance will be fast tracked and will take only a few days.
  • If eligible under the Law of Return, entitlement checks will occur within four days of required document submissions and work permits issued immediately for refugees and their families.
  • If not eligible under the Law of Return, this faster processing will issue entry and temporary work permits within four days. The individual and the employing company can apply to extend the period of employment beyond the initial 90 days. Family members will be able to work in Israel if the stay in Israel will be for more than 90 days.

The program is a joint initiative with the Reboot Startup Nation, an organization founded by recent immigrants from Ukraine and Russia and aimed at assisting refugees from the war in Ukraine with finding employment in Israel’s technology sector.  More than 20,000 refugees—ineligible to immigrate—have already traveled to Israel since the war began.

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