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USCIS Launches Online Self-Service Tool to Reschedule Biometrics Appointments | Tafapolsky & Smith LLP


11 Jul 2023

United States

USCIS Launches Online Self-Service Tool to Reschedule Biometrics Appointments

As of June 28, 2023, most recipients of a biometrics services appointment from USCIS who need to reschedule may do so using a new online self-service tool on my.uscis.gov.  To be eligible to reschedule an appointment online:

  • The request must be made more than 12 hours of an existing appointment time;
  • The request must be the first or second attempt to reschedule the same appointment; and
  • The request cannot be made for an already missed appointment.

For those who qualify, the self-service tool eliminates the need to call the USCIS Contact Center.  The self-service tool can be used directly by benefit requestors as well as their attorneys and accredited representatives and is available for both paper- and online-filed benefit requests.  Individuals who have a biometrics appointment that does not meet the above criteria are not eligible to reschedule the appointment online and must follow the process of calling the USCIS Contact Center to reschedule the appointment.

To use the biometric services appointment rescheduling tool, individuals should take the following steps at least 12 hours prior to their scheduled appointment:

  1.   Log into the requestor’s account at uscis.gov (or first create an account if one does not exist).
  2.   Select the Biometric Rescheduling option.
  3.   Follow the on-screen instructions to reserve a new appointment time and/or appointment location.  The first step will include a request to provide “good cause” for rescheduling the appointment and applicants can select an option from a drop-down menu that includes the following choices, or provide the “good cause” in a free text field if none of the following apply: illness, medical appointment, or hospitalization; previously planned travel; significant life events such as a wedding, funeral, or graduation ceremony; inability to obtain transportation to the appointment location; inability to obtain leave from employment or caregiver responsibilities; or late delivered or undelivered biometric services appointment notice.
  4.   Choose to receive a confirmation message by email or SMS once a printable copy of the new appointment notice is available.
  5.   Print the new appointment notice to bring to the Application Support Center (ASC) (electronic copies of notices will not be accepted).

When attending a rescheduled appointment, individuals must carry the printed new appointment notice and a valid, unexpired photo identification (i.e., passport or driver’s license).  If an applicant has more than one biometric services appointment, the applicant should bring the printed appointment notices for each appointment.

For more specific information or help making a request to USCIS under this new scheme, please reach out to your designated legal team at T&S or info@tandslaw.com.

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