25 Jun 2020



Russia Lifts Restrictions on Entry of Highly Qualified Specialists

As of 25 June 2020, the Russian Government has amended its COVID-19 travel restrictions and will now allow holders of Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) work visas to enter Russia. There are a several important caveats that HQS work visa holders need to observe. First, the Ministry of Internal Affairs currently will grant only a single entry to HQS work visa holders, and it is not guaranteed that HQS work visa holders who depart Russia before the end of the lockdown will be permitted re-entry. Second, HQS visas must be valid in order for their holders to be able to travel to Russia. Third, before HQS work visa holders can travel to Russia, their employers in Russia must submit a list with their details that must be approved by Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Lastly, when entering Russia, HQS work visa holders must present their passports, valid visa and their employment contract to the immigration officers at the port of entry.

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