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last updated 22 Dec 2020

Israel Covid-19 Regulations

  1. Entry Restrictions

Effective 23 December 2020 and at least for a period of two weeks, all foreign nationals are prohibited from entering Israel, with the exception of:

  • Residents of Israel, provided that they arrive from a country other than Denmark, South Africa, or the United Kingdom (or have transited through any of these countries for less than 12 hours);
  • Passengers with an entry approval issued by the Population and Immigration Authority or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel (entry will be permitted for exceptional cases only and only a small number of foreign experts will be permitted entry), provided that they arrive from a country other than Denmark, South Africa, or the United Kingdom (or have transited through any of these countries for less than 12 hours);

All travelers to Israel must obtain an electronic approval issued by the Ministry of Health within 24 hours of departure to Israel.

Citizens and residents of Israel arriving from a Green Location must submit Entry Report Form.

Citizens and residents of Israel  arriving from a Red Location or if during the 14 days preceding their flight to Israel have stayed in a Red Location must submit and Entry Report Form as well as an online isolation form.

For a list of the current red/green locations, please see here.

2. Quarantine/Self-Isolation Requirements

Passengers who visited a “red” location within 14 days before their travel to Israel are subject to mandatory 14-day isolation/quarantine upon arrival, except for passengers in transit who do not leave the airport and whose layover in Israel is for less than 12 hours. In order to complete the isolation period at home and not in a hotel, passengers will be required to declare that:

  • They can stay in complete isolation as required in an accommodation that is completely separated from other residents for the entire period of their home isolation;
  • They will not use public transport to travel to their declared isolation accommodation with the exception of taxis: a single passenger in the back with windows open (if all travelers are members of the same household, they may all travel in a taxi provided they sit in the back).
  • They understand that Israel Police strictly monitor people who are in home isolation for the entire isolation period, and that if a violation of restrictions is found, Israel Police are authorized to force them to relocate to a state-provided isolation hotel/motel for the remaining period and fine them 5,000 NIS.
  • If it turns out that the isolation accommodation declared is in effect not suitable for isolation according to requirements, the District Physician or Chief HMO Physician may force them to relocate to an isolation hotel/motel for the remaining period.

Passengers in self-isolation are required to report to the Ministry of Health. Parents are required to separately report about any of their children who are in self-isolation.

Possessing a negative COVID-19 test will not exempt passengers from the quarantine requirement nor it will help to shorten the 14-day quarantine period.

Please note that this page is updated on an ongoing basis, but COVID-19 related restrictions and policies are subject to frequent and sudden change, often with little to no advance notice to the public. Therefore, to ensure that you have the latest updates, we recommend that you reach out to T&S at [email protected] for additional information.

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Covid-19 Updates

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