19 May 2020

United States

COVID-19 Updates

The government has extended the entry ban for non-Israeli visitors until 30 May and all Israeli citizens and residents returning to Israel will need to continue to self-isolate for 2 weeks after their arrival. Israeli citizens and residents are now permitted to complete the mandatory self-isolation in their homes as opposed to government-run hotels.

With respect to non-Israeli visitors seeking to travel to Israel, there are discussions to start allowing travelers from “green countries” to enter Israel provided they clear certain (yet to be clarified) health protocols as established by the Ministry of Health. Countries will qualify for inclusion in the “green country” list if have relatively low rates of coronavirus infections and that implemented regulations requiring the use of personal protective equipment among the population.

As reported before, foreign visits may come to Israel for urgent machine repairs and Installations, provided that they have obtained advance special entry approvals from the Ministry responsible for the relevant employer industry, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (provides final approval). The average processing times for the special entry approval are currently 2-3 weeks.

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