14 Mar 2023


Key Visa Updates

Today, the Chinese government released the following policy changes: 

  • Chinese multiple entry visas issued prior to March 28, 2020, that are still currently valid, can be used to enter China starting March 15, 2023. 
  • Chinese Embassies, Consulates, and visa centers worldwide will resume issuing all types of visas to foreign applicants starting March 15, 2023. 
  • The Chinese authorities will resume granting Port visas in line with all relevant laws and regulations. 
  • Certain visa-free entry policies will resume, which notably include cruise ship entry to Shanghai, the 144-hour visa-free policy for foreigners from Hong Kong and Macao to Guangdong, and visa-free travel for ASEAN tour groups to enter Guangxi and Guilin.   

If you have specific questions about your existing multiple entry visa or would like assistance with the Chinese visa process, please reach out to the T&S Global Immigration team. 

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