23 Jan 2023


Application for eVisa Multiple Entry Visa (MEV) Now Available

The Immigration Department of Malaysia announced that, effective January 20, 2023, eVisa online applications now allow for Multiple Entry Visas (MEV).   All applicants are required to follow the terms and conditions issued by the Malaysian Government and approval is not automatic.

The eVisa MEV facilitates travel for the following list of categories:

  • Business Visitors: Foreign nationals who wish to enter Malaysia with the purpose of investing or attending to a business matter.
  • Fly and Cruise: Foreign nationals on a cruise from/to Malaysia boarding a cruise ship via a gazzeted entrance.
  • Wedding Tourism: Foreign nationals who intend to scout wedding venues or get married in Malaysia.
  • Medical Treatment Visitors: Foreign nationals seeking medical treatment in Malaysia.

The eVisa MEV is not applicable for individuals who obtain the eVisa for the purpose of entry into Malaysia to endorse their respective Long-Term Passes such as Employment Pass (EP), Professional Visit Pass (PVP), Dependent Pass (DP), Resident Pass-Talent (RPT), etc. The eVisa process for this purpose is unchanged and will remain a single-entry visa process.

The official Malaysia Visa website (Official Malaysia Visa (, which had been unavailable for about 20 days, has reopened and is now accepting new eVisa applications.

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