Consular Processing of Nonimmigrant and Immigrant Visas

Tafapolsky & Smith offers unique expertise and direct assistance with obtaining visa services at U.S. consular posts worldwide through an extensive knowledge base and network of contacts throughout the Department of State.  Our services include:

Non Immigrant Visa Services

  • Emergency appointments at Consular Posts abroad
  • Assistance in preparing visa applications
  • Interview preparation
  • Tracking name checks and security clearances
  • Overcoming visa denials
  • Non immigrant waivers of inadmissibility

Immigrant Visa Services    

  • Assistance in preparing immigrant visa application package
  • Preparation for immigrant visa interview
  • Overcoming visa denials
  • Immigrant visa waivers of inadmissibility
  • Filing of Immediate relative petitions at Consular Posts abroad

Special Services

  • Obtaining Advisory Opinions on Visa Cases from Department of State
  • Assistance for Returning Resident Visas if prolonged residence abroad
  • Countering abandonment of Lawful Permanent Residence
  • Abandoning and Terminating Green Cards and Lawful Permanent Residence
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